New Age Products Mackay at Crystal Cauldron


Crystal Cauldron, located in Mackay, offers a vast assortment of new age products and services. Whether you’re just starting your journey into discovering the metaphysical, or you are just looking for a new source of local products, you will find what you’re looking for here.

Started by Rhonda Templeton, Crystal Cauldron has become a premier source of all things new age, and we’re proud to have recently expanded our store and our product offerings to reflect our new vision—helping as many people as possible with healing, motivating and spiritual products.

Stop by and see what we have to offer!
Crystals — New Age Products in South Mackay, QLD

We now offer a large assortment of crystals to help you along your healing journey. We’ve upped our selection, and now provide our customers with numerous crystals to help with healing, rejuvenation, and boosting energy. Rhonda is highly knowledgeable on all things metaphysical crystals, and can help you choose the right options for your needs.
Books, Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards — New Age Products in South Mackay, QLD

Among our new age products, you’ll find numerous books along with oracle and tarot cards to help you dig deep into your subconscious, explore other realms, or get glimpses into what your future might hold. Whether you’re just delving into the metaphysical, or you’re more experienced, we have books and oracle cards to help you along your way.
Giftwares — New Age Products in South Mackay, QLD

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone who already has everything? We have a large array of giftware for the new age guy or girl in your life. Check out our selection in store, and browse more new age products for yourself as well! We have everything from crystals and oracle cards to books and meditation DVDs to help you learn to centre, heal, and find your deeper purpose in life.