Find Captivating Incense varieties at Crystal Cauldron in Mackay


While many people know that incense adds a great fragrance to your home, but they fewer people realise that incense can also have a variety of health benefits, depending on the type you use. Make sure you choose an incense that is made from natural, real ingredients vs synthetic ones, and choose options that are free of charcoal. Incense has been shown to help improve a wide range of issues, such as focus and concentration. Additionally, certain fragrances may also help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

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We carry a wide variety of incense and other aromatherapy tools to help you soothe your body and mind. Explore our vast assortment of incense to help you with a range of issues, or to simply give your home or business a soothing and relaxing feel. If you need help in deciding which incense is right for your situation, one of our experts can help you determine the correct options for you.

Perfumes & Essential Oils


Aside from incense, we offer a variety of essentials oils and perfumes. Essentials oils have been used for thousands of years due to their medicinal powers. They have powerful healing properties that can be used for a variety of topical uses, as well as for use in a diffuser or humidifier. Explore our assortment of perfumes for your enjoyment as well.
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If you have any questions about any of our essential oil or incense products, give us a call or stop by our store to talk to our professionals. We’ll get to know you, and work with you to determine which products are right for your specific lifestyle, situation, and potential problems. If you have a question about a particular problem, we can also fill you in on the properties of each item and how it might help you in your daily life.