Explore the Healing Power of Crystals at Crystal Cauldron in Mackay


Crystals have been used for thousands of years—some date them back as far as 6000 years to the times of the Mesopotamians and Sumerians—for their healing properties and energies. Varied crystals have different properties and different healing mechanisms to help you recharge, rejuvenate, and heal your body’s energy from the inside out. Crystal Cauldron offers a wide range of crystals to help you take charge of your own inner health and well-being. We have crystals of a variety of types, so there is something for virtually anyone.

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Our staff have intimate knowledge of the healing properties crystals can have, and they’re available to answer all of your questions. Whether you are drawn to a particular item and want to discuss it, or you have a specific problem or ailment you want to work out, we can help you determine which items are the best suited to your current situation. You’ll not only find crystals, but also a variety of jewellery and other items implementing them in their design, books teaching about the healing properties of crystals, and other healing products such as essential oils.

You’ll find that we have one of the largest local selections of healing crystals available, so there is something here for virtually everyone! We welcome you to come and have a look around to see for yourself!



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Have questions about the use of crystals and metaphysical products in healing the body and mind? Feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns or ask any questions you may have. One of our expert staff members will be in touch shortly to help you find products that can assist you, to answer your queries, and to help you along the way. Our staff are kind, courteous, and knowledgeable about all the products we carry!